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Harshit Agrawal is a new media artist and human computer interaction researcher. He builds tools to study how technology can blend with and enhance human creative expression and in the process create experiences that invite us to reflect upon and re-evaluate our relationship with technology. He currently focuses on the interplay between human and machine imaginations and intentions, spanning across virtual and physical embodiments.

Harshit is a graduate of the Fluid Interfaces group at MIT Media Lab and the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Guwahati). He has carried out art residencies at various places to develop his practice in diverse contexts, including at the Art Center Nabi (Seoul), Museum of Tomorrow (Rio de Janeiro), Kakehi-Lab (Tokyo/ Yokohama). His work has been exhibited at premier art festivals and museums around the world, like the Ars Electronica Festival, Tate Modern, Asia Culture Center (at Otherly Spaces/Knowledge exhibition curated by Kazunao Abe-san), QUT Art Museum (Why the Future Still Needs Us exhibition), Museum of Tomorrow, Alt-Ai (at SFPC), Art Center Nabi, BeFantastic Festival (Bangalore, India), ISEA. His work has also been extensively covered in international media. Along with this, he has published several research papers on creation tools at human computer interaction conferences, including Siggraph, UIST, UbiComp, TEI, IUI, IDC.
(Here is also my CV)

Tandem and A Flying Pantograph exhibited in the Otherly Spaces/ Knowledge exhibition at Asia Culture Center (Gwangju, Korea), curated by Kazunao Abe. (2-25 March 2018)
(author)rise demo presented at the Intelligent User Interfaces conference (Tokyo). (7-11 March 2018)
Gave an artist talk at BeFantastic Festival (new media art festival in Bengaluru, India). Tandem was also exhibited at the BeFantastic Festival. (15-17 December 2017).
Tandem was installed at the Museum of Tomorrow (Rio De Janeiro) for an year long exhibition on Artificial Intelligence. (4 January 2018).
Participated in the Artificial Intelligence and Inclusion Symposium at Museum of Tomorrow (Rio de Janeiro). Exhibited Samba+AI music experiments at the symposium. (8-11 November 2017).
(author)rise was exhibited at the Ars Electronica Festival (Linz, Austria). (7-11 September 2017).
Tandem (v1) was exhibited as part of the Why the Future Still Needs Us exhibition at QUT Art Museum (Brisbane, Australia). (August-October 2016)
Artist+Research residency at Kakehi Lab/ JST Erato (Yokohama, Tokyo). (March-June 2017).
Gave a talk at around Artificial Intelligence and Creativity at PICNIC Brazil (11 November 2017)
Artist Residency at Museum of Tomorrow (Rio De Janeiro). (October-December 2017).
Gave a talk around creative experiences for self-expression at INK Talks (several TED global speakers speak at INK annually). Was also part of the INK Fellows cohort for 2016-2017 batch. (Goa, India) (16-18 September 2016).
Artist Residency at Art Center Nabi (Seoul). (July-August 2016).